Italien en Mouvement

Italien en Mouvement


Our learning-on-the-move methodology is new, clear and fun. The main characteristic is that it takes place outdoors (weather permitting) . No classrooms, no white boards. Our classroom is Tuscany itself. Teaching and learning the Italian language while walking through towns, squares, out of the beaten tracks streets, sitting on the steps of an old church, this is our proposal.

Not only our learning-on-the-move methodology let you see the same place you pass by with different eyes, but allows you to memorise and reinforce your vocabulary with a totally different experience.

In a nutshell, when the season allows us to be outdoors, if you choose one of our

Italian on the Move Itinerary :

  • You see, learn and memorize
  • You learn new words , phrases and use them immediately in real life situation.
  • Finally, to be honest, having classes in the streets, squares, palaces, while shopping at the market or practicing in a cafè, is much more fun than being in a classroom