Art History
Experienced teachers await to introduce you to the fascinating world of their “local” art. Our classes allow you to broaden your appreciation of Etruscan, Roman, Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque art by reflecting on the history of the period. Visits are conducted to important sites as well as the lesser-known, yet very singular, sites. Classes are held in Italian for foreign students as well.

Italian Literature
We focus on the most significant periods of Italian Literature, with special attention to the birth of the Italian language (Dante Alighieri and his Divine Comedy) and to the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. These classes are primarily for foreign students.

Italian History
These lessons, primarily for foreigners, focus on broadending the students’ knowledge of Italian history from the period of the Etruscans to the nineteenth century. Lessons are supplemented with visits to Etruscan remains, medieval villages and towns, and other important historical sites.

Contemporary Italian History
Classes for foreign students are available on the following topics: Fascism, World War II, the Post War Period, the birth of the Italian Republic, Italian political parties, the Mafia.

The History and Art of Siena
Special classes for all those who wish to know more about the history, art, and traditions of this charming city.

Let’s go to the Opera!
Melodrama is one of the best-known and loved aspects of Italian culture. Participants of this course will enjoy learning Italian through the opera and libretto. Rossini, Verdi and Puccini’s masterpieces will thus become the starting point for listening, reading, and discussion and naturally, also for the study of grammar.

The History of Italian Cinema
This course provides an interesting survey of Italian cinema by considering the works of well-known past (Rosselini, Fellini, Visconti) as well as contemporary directors (Salvatores, Muccino, Virzì). Film viewing, reading, and group discussion help participants further their knowledge of the Italian language while learning about the cinema.

Italian Traditions
Italian Folklore has always charmed tourists. In these lessons you can learn more about old traditions such as Carnival, Joust, village festivals, and the famous Palio of Siena.

Italian Cooking
Welcome our chef into your holiday home and he will show you the secrets of Italian and Tuscan cooking, from antipasto to dessert!

Tuscan Wines and Olive Oil
To help you better appreciate our wines and olive oil, we organize visits to vineyards and oil mills where qualified personnel will explain the secrets of how good wine is made and the various types of olive oil. Of course you won’t leave without having tasted the product !!